Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Brings Changes!

Hi Flagstaff! I want to let you know about some changes happening over here at Anne's Alterations.  I am planning a move to Denver late this summer or early fall.  My husband and I are moving to Denver, Colorado.  I am looking to expand the custom bridal and formal wear aspect of my business so I am looking for a larger market.  So I want to introduce you to my very talented assistant, Rachel Moon who has been working on your alterations for the past year.  She is taking over all the non-bridal alterations this summer.  She will be moving the studio a few blocks so we will keep you updated on that move.  

Summer and fall brides, don't worry!  If you have already been in to see me, I will be completing your alterations before I leave town.  New brides, I will be taking a limited number of clients for August and September, so if you want to get in, call soon!

Thanks for all the business, Flagstaff!  It has been a wonderful place to grow my business and I hope you will continue to visit Rachel for your sewing needs!  


Here is a note of introduction from Rachel:

Things are changing at Anne's Alterations!  With Anne moving to Denver to grow her custom bridal business, who's going to take over in Flagstaff?  Why, Rachel Moon, of course (that's me)!  You know me, I've been doing your basic alterations for over a year now.  I have 7 years experience in the business.  I will not be taking on the bridal gown alterations or the custom bridal, but you can still come to me for formal wear, bridesmaids dresses, and daily wear.  I also absolutely love costume making (Halloween, Burning Man, Firefly, Hullabaloo...)!  I just signed the lease on a studio just a few blocks north of downtown Flagstaff and....there's parking!  So, give me a call for any of your alteration needs: 928 679 0808
and you'll be able to come visit me soon at the Caire Chiropractic Building at 519 N. Leroux St.

Happy Summer!!
Rachel Moon

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