Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shop your closet

When you are sorting through your closet seeking something to wear, do you pass up blouses, pants, or skirts that just don't have the fit or style you like?  Maybe this top needs a lower neckline?  Maybe you've lost weight and your favorite dress is too big now?  Maybe you'd like that skirt to be less of an a-line?  Don't throw away half your wardrobe just because you need a few alterations!  When you have a favorite or one of a kind piece that needs saving, I'm here to help.  Often altering a garment is less expensive than buying a new one. If you've got something sentimental or vintage that simply can not be replaced, why not call your alterations expert to lend a hand in making it perfect for your figure again?  I specialize in garment alterations and up-cycling. I also understand the importance of treating your vintage or heirloom garments with care.  So, next time you are looking for something to wear and half your closet is unwearable - gather up those cast off clothes and give me a call!

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