Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seamstress saves the big day!

I spent Memorial Day weekend in San Diego with my best friend's family for her wedding. Unfortunately, I was unable to perform the alterations to her gown as we live on opposite ends of the country. The seamstress who did the work made quite a few mistakes and left the dress looking less than professionally done. When we tried the dress on her the night before the wedding (the original tailor didn't even ask her to try it on before taking it home!) we were both disappointed with the results of the alterations. Luckily my skills are portable! With just a few stitches removed and some extra buttons added, I was able to save the dress and create a presentable bustle for the train. Without a machine and proper tools, I could not remedy the uneven hem or fix the obvious stitches on the strap the original tailor had taken up. However, a lot of love and some skill go a long way toward making things right. Always ask your prospective tailor about their experience with the type of garment you are bringing them. Or, if that doesn't pan out, you can always invite a seamstress to your wedding!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Always a bridesmaid?

It's that time of year again!  Wedding bells are ringing and the bridesmaids dresses are being swept off the racks onto the bodies of beauties all over the nation.  When it comes to ordering a bridesmaids dresses, one size does not fit all.  If you are ordering a bridesmaids dress online I recommend ordering a size up according to your measurements.  I have seen it happen all too often that women order the dress exactly to their measurements and end up with a too small dress.  In the world of bridesmaids dresses what you ask for isn't always exactly what you get and in the world of clothing alterations it is easier to make something smaller than it is to make something bigger.  "But Rachel, what about the pregnant bridesmaid?", you might ask.  Well, there are options for the expectant mama in the bridal party.  The most common option is to make the dress a corset back with a modesty panel to match the dress. It's easy and affordable.  Most alterations take about 2 weeks to execute, so if you need alterations on your dress make sure you plan ahead! I also offer measurements for bridesmaids dresses for just $10 by appointment.  Call or email me to set up your appointment today 928-679-0808 or sewing@rachelmoonsalterations.com