Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Swanky, Bridal Vans!

Another project in which the client had the vision and I provided the creative skills! We took lace and beads from her mother's gown, added some rhinestones and beads from my own collection, and blinged up these kicks! Want a special pair of shoes to wear on your wedding day? Bring your creative ideas to me and I can make them a reality! 

Picnic Fun!

As of May I have not had a business location. With the pandemic and the changes in how people go to work and celebrate special events, I have made changes in how I approach my work and that has resulted changes in the type of projects I am taking on. In many ways this has been a blessing and resulted in many creative projects coming my way! 

This picnic basket lining was a first for me! The project was for a young man who wanted to take his girlfriend on a picnic for her birthday! He provided the fabric and the basket and I leant my skills to making his vision a reality! I decided to create it with French seams so that the visible seams looked clean and fully finished (shown in third photo). Such a joy to be able to contribute to someone's special occasion and get to try my hand at something new!