Friday, April 3, 2015

Pricing and services

Being a seamstress is a enjoyable and versatile job. I have lots of fun with anything and everything my clients bring me. With all the wonderful projects I post about, you may wonder what services I offer. Here is a general run down:

Regular pants hems: $15 Usually jeans and casual pants have regular hems. With this type of hem you can see the stitching. I offer regular hems on both men and women's pants. 

Original pants hems: $20 An original pants hem is one in which I keep the original hem on the pants and move it up to shorten the length. I offer these hems for both men and women.

Blind Hem (unlined pants): $20 A blind hem is one done by hand and when you look at the hem of the pants you won't necessarily see the stitching. I offer these hems for both men and women.

Blind Hem (lined pants): $30

Bridesmaid dress hems: Start at $40

Hem on a skirt: Start at $25 They start at $25 because variables in skirt circumference, blind stitching, or lining will bring the price up. 

Dress take in/let out: Start at $25

Pants take in/let out: $25 for dress pants (unlined), $30 for jeans

Women's jacket take in/let out: Start at $40

Jacket Zipper repair: Starts at $40 I do not offer this alteration on down jackets or leather jackets.

Dress zipper repair: $30

Pants zipper repair: $25

Tapering pant legs: $25 for regular pants, I don't offer this service for jeans 

Button repair: $2 each

Denim button replacement: $5 each

Patching and repairs: Start at $5

Upcycling work or custom work is charged by the hour and I will disclose the pricing for that on request. I require at least a month to work on custom items and a deposit for all custom work.

24 hour turn around is twice the price.
48 hour turn around is the price plus half.
Under a week is a fee of a third the price.

 So now you know! I am sure I left some things off of my list of services. I do mostly offer women's alterations and repairs. If you have any questions for me about what type of work I do or when we can meet for a consultation, please call me.