Friday, January 6, 2017

Customize your Clothing!

It's a new year and I am offering new services! I have posted here about upcycling in the past and I am hoping to bring upcycling to you, to refresh old garments or create costumes! Upcycling a garment can be as simple as adding an accent like lace or an applique or as complex as melding multiple garments together. Another favorite pass time that has hit the floor of my Etsy store is ice dying! Ice dying is a technique that uses ice and powdered dyes to create amazing effects on machine washable garments. All dying is done in my outdoor studio and is separated from the workspace where I sew. I no longer offer custom made garments, but I do want to help you customize your garments in 2017 and beyond! Shop your closet and make the old new again! 

Upcycled from dress to skirt!

Amazing Ice dye effect

Make an XL tee into a mini kimono dress!

More Ice dying