Friday, September 13, 2013


[uhp-sahy-kuhl]  verb, up·cy·cled, up·cy·cling, noun

verb (used with object)
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original: I upcycled a stained tablecloth into curtains. (courtesy
Upcycling!  The wave of the future.  Bring me your tired, ill-fitting, and out of date and I will upcycle your oldies into goodies again!  Looking for a unique Halloween costume?  Upcycling may be your answer.  Just a trip to the thrift store and a stop by my shop and we can get you outfitted.  No one else in Northern Arizona will have a costume like yours if you get it custom made by Rachel Moon!  And upcycling saves on the cost of custom work.  With upcycling you can have a costume custom made for the price of regular alterations in most cases!



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